Smith Brothers Services Ltd

The Challenge

Smith Brothers Services Ltd is a first-class, family run haulage and commercial vehicle business. William Stobart, Director of Smith Brothers Services Ltd, had visited many meeting rooms where his experience from an information sharing perspective had been poor and, at times, frustrating.

Therefore, he wanted to ensure that Smith Brothers’ own meeting rooms were adapted to allow staff and visitors to have the connectivity they needed to collaborate effectively. He wanted his meeting rooms to offer a user experience that was eye-catching and innovative.

The Solution

After completing a site survey, our team of AV experts set out to create the perfect hardware, software and integration system for the Smith Brothers Services’ HQ.

We manufactured a number of commercial and interactive displays and installed these in the reception, staff areas and three meeting rooms.

An essential part of the project was the delivery of a simple user-interface, to be accessed via a tablet that allowed full control of the displays at the touch of a button from any location in the building.

This allowed staff and visitors to easily connect their own devices to the display screens in the meeting rooms, creating a collaboration space for everyone.

The digital signage displays in the staff areas and reception are used to broadcast news and information about the business to visitors. This, too, can be controlled from any location to give the business full control and flexibility of the content.

The Outcome

Smith Brothers Services Ltd now has a complete audio-visual solution designed to fit their needs. The business can now view any source, whether it be a laptop or tv source, on any of the displays throughout the head office, This solution has given them much more flexibility in meetings.

William Stobart is happy with the solution as it has enabled his staff and visitors to quickly connect their devices to multiple displays so that meetings can continue without distractions or delays.

The flexibility that this solution has created means that the business has improved their collaboration and connectivity.

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